For outdoor-enthusiasts looking for more active challenges the area has a lot of possibilities. Hiking, fishing, rafting, climbing, boat trips, and beaches are close. Surfing, kayaking and bird watching are other possibilities.

Havik beach is one of the most popular beaches around, buth also Lomsesanden, Bausje and the locals favourite Bispen ar situated nearby. Grettestø is the best possibility if you`re up for surfing.

Bird watching is another popular activity at Lista due to our location and the wetlands. Lista is often referred to as the countrys largest birdtrack, with birds crossing the Northe Sea. More than 300 species are registered her, the highets variety in Norway. This is nothing less than a ornothologi paradise.

In addition to all other activities we would like to recommend cykling around the coast here in southern Norway. You will explore small villages, fjords and mountains on just a short trip around.
For routes and recommended equipment just ask us.

Sørlandsbadet – If the weather don`t allow outdoor activities. Sørlandsbadet is an indoor and outdoor waterpark situated in Lyngdal, just 30 mins drive from us. They can offer sports pool, diving tower, whirl pool, hot water pool, glunge pool, gym and saunas.
Check out their website for more information.