ENLI Vestheim AS – Local Food in Lister 

«Enli» is the international airport code used to land at Lista Airport. Enli Vestheim AS has chosen this name to symbolize that those who land on Enli Vestheim AS will have a good experience of whatever they try.

The restaurant processes locally produced meat and has entered into agreements with local farmers, so-called niche producers. The restaurant is also responsible for the Sunday and Christmas buffets here at Vestheim, as well as all food and service in connection with corporate events, courses, conferences, meetings and major meeting and camp events. ENLI also has a sale with a varied and exciting selection of self-produced meat products from the so-called “Pølseboden”. Great cold tables and sandwiches are available to order.

For more information on food, menus, delivery and working hours, feel free to contact them!